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The Day Brother's Flagship Business Model For Sustainable Development in Urban Centers

Who We Are

The Day Brothers is a family-owned business spearheading urban development defined by social and environmental benefits to improve communities. It is a generational business started in the 1930's that is lead by four brothers and is creating a national portfolio of essential assets.

TDB in the 1940s

Urban Revitalization


Our projects grow fresh produce with modern agriculture practices, create meaningful jobs in the communities with an inclusive labor policy, create quality housing and healthy food service options along with critical infrastructure for municipalities. 


Vertical Harvest Aerial View

Why Urban Vertical Farming?

Agriculture accounts for nearly a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions, nearly two-thirds of fresh water use, and is the biggest water polluter in many countries. Produce often travels 1,500 miles before it reaches the end consumer and roughly half of all global crops perish before they arrive at grocery stores.

Inefficiencies of this magnitude set the stage for vertical farming, one of the few tangible sustainability initiatives in agriculture and a method that could benefit the planet, consumers and investors.


"Vertical farming has been around since King Nebuchadnezzar II built the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in 600 B.C., 21st-century vertical farmers use controlled-environment agriculture technology to manipulate light, temperature, atmosphere, water and nutrient flow, and humidity to optimize plant growth on rotating crop carousels standing as high as 20 feet tall"

     - Charlotte Janelle, Vertical Farming on the Up and Up, Edible Maine

"A healthy food economy requires progressive approaches, and I applaud Westbrook for embracing this project. Vertical farming has the potential to become an outstanding complement to traditional Maine agriculture”

     - Amanda Beal, Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Commissioner.